Stylish Summertime Shoot

August 21, 2021

It was wonderful to work with Claire again for this sunny, stylish, summertime shoot. Cheerful, chic, and cool, Claire is always so much fun to have in front of the camera! We chose the perfect day to soak up the sunshine at the pool. The summer sessions we’ve had this season have been a popular way to beat the 100+ degree heat in the valley.

Starting the day early for each shoot has worked in our favor – the extreme early morning sunshine produces striking colors and minimal shadows for these fun poolside sessions. 

When the entire creative team is up bright and early, willing to brave the scorching temperatures, we always come away with images that WOW. Just take a look at a few of my favorite images from our session with Claire below. The sessions are well worth the time they take for the pretty portraits captured from low land and sky-high levels.

Gorgeous model Claire smiles brightly up at the camera while resting on a Funboy Float
Claire poses under the shade of a palm tree during a stylish summertime shoot
Model Claire reclines on a colorful Funboy lip float while tilting her Raybans
Gorgeous model Claire smiles brightly up at the camera while resting on a tri-color Funboy Float
Aerial image of chic Claire resting on an angel wing Funboy float as part of a stylish summertime shoot
Cool model Claire reclines on a pink lip Funboy float while floating on a turquoise pool as part of a stylish summertime shoot
Stunning model Claire soaks up the sunshine as part of a stylish summertime shoot
Model Claire smiles softly at the camera atop a tri-colored Funboy reclining float during a sunny summertime shoot

A huge thank you to everyone involved in this fun summer shoot:

Interested in images from our other stylish summertime shoots? Check out the second shoot of the season with Bronwyn and Stephanie on the journal.

Do you have access to a picturesque pool? Interested in hosting or modeling for the next summer shoot? Send me a message at the Contact page – I’d love to work with you! All of the floats pictured will be available for use! All you will need to bring is a cute swimming suit and a smile.

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