Cozy Cabin Getaway

March 5, 2021

Who doesn’t love a cute, cozy cabin?

When my friend Yasmin called me up to say she had reserved a beautiful A-Frame cabin in Northern Arizona for a few days, I was THRILLED. Coincidentally, she had chosen THE cabin in the Coconino National Forest area I’ve been wanting to scope out and shoot for the longest time!

After navigating the directions to the cabin via Google Earth, driving through the thick of the Ponderosa pine forest to a winding dirt road, I met up with Yasmin at the cabin two (2) hours before sunset. It was the PERFECT time for portraits – the golden hour glow is always SO dreamy! When we started shooting, I was instantly in love. I can’t wait to come here with clients soon!

As you can see, Yasmin brought her gorgeous Goldendoodle Zayn along for the weekend. This was my first time meeting Zayn and he and I became fast friends. Yasmin has done a wonderful job raising Zayn and he is SO smart. Zayn is an AKC Novice Trick Dog and is also learning to talk using Canine AAC! Yasmin’s stories about Zayn’s communication and day-today progress with Canine AAC had me absolutely enthralled.

You can learn more about Zayn at the website Yes, the website includes tons of cute photos of Zayn too!

As photographers who love exploring new locations, this was the perfect way for us to catch up for a few days. We were even able to take a few portrait photos while we were there (below). I’m looking forward to seeing Yasmin and Zayn again soon – you can be sure we’ll find even more fun places to shoot so stay tuned!

Portrait model Yasmin and Goldendoodle Zayn enjoy a quiet moment reading during an A-Frame cabin portrait session in Flagstaff, Arizona.
Model Yasmin and Goldendoodle Zayn enjoy the golden sunset glow from the porch of an A-Frame cabin near Flagstaff, Arizona.

Yasmin was kind enough to take a cute casual photo for me too!

Phtographer Bayley Jordan sits on the steps of the A-Frame cabin in Northern Arizona after a portrait shoot.

Want to know more about this cozy cabin session? Interested in booking a portrait shoot here too? Reach out via the Contact page – I’d love to hear from you!

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