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Why I Use ReMarkable for Business

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June 1, 2024

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While I’m enjoying a nice Arizona staycation, I’ve been using one of my favorite business tools non-stop. So today I thought it would be beneficial to share why I use a ReMarkable for business. I’m happy to introduce you to one of the best purchases I’ve made in 2024!

A digital e-ink writing and reading device used by Flagstaff professional portrait photographer Bayley Jordan for her small business.

To summarize, the ReMarkable tablet is a digital e-ink writing and reading device. It provides the look and feel of paper. The device is slim, lightweight, and easy to take anywhere on the go (which I love). It helps minimize distractions because it does not have any downloadable apps. Honestly, the lack of apps helps me reach a flow state, working more effectively than with a laptop or standard tablet. The device can be used entirely offline (which I typically prefer) or synched through a Cloud server. Meaning there is flexibility with how your documents are managed. As an aside, because of these options, I would recommend a device management policy for your business to ensure the best fit.

I first purchased my ReMarkable in early February of this year. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has completely transformed my business. Below I’ve detailed all of the benefits. Please be advised: Some links included in this post are affiliate links to offer a discount or free trial. When you open a link or make a purchase, I may receive a small commission or discount. Each of the business resources mentioned in this post are tools I use almost daily. I can attest first-hand to the value they bring to my business!

Streamlining Client/Vendor Communication With ReMarkable for Business

One of the top ways I use my ReMarkable is to take notes during client consultations. I use it during calls, in person meetings, or virtual platforms. The device allows me to stay completely present in meetings. There are no distractions from notifications going off for a new email or text.

Similarly, I use it to take notes during collaborations with some of my favorite local vendors for sessions throughout the year. If I have a meeting with a florist to design a beautiful bouquet for a session, my ReMarkable is in my hand to sketch out a plan. If I have a meeting with my client and local makeup artist, my ReMarkable is coming along.

The best part is I can immediately send digital copies of the notes to clients and vendors for reference. The capability ensures we are on the same page. I can also add helpful reminders for any next steps as part of the portrait photography process.

More Efficient Workflows

I now rank my ReMarkable among the most useful tools to streamline my business workflow with Dubsado. I use Dubsado for complete Project Management (signing contracts, collecting payments, and sending custom forms). My ReMarkable now goes hand-in-hand with this process. I use it to draft so many of the workflow items that end up in Dubsado as part of my complete client experience. I review and revise my contracts annually on the device. Creating custom forms for clients to ensure the entire experience is personalized to their needs is also a great use. I develop shot lists and timelines that are later uploaded to every Dubsado Client Portal for quick reference later. It really has helped me focus on the entire client experience away from the distractions of my laptop. I can take care of these items and implement them for my clients in a more efficient way.

The ReMarkable makes it easy to organize and access all of my documents. I use tags to easily search for documents and notes to refer back to quickly. Especially if I have to take a break between work sessions. What’s better? All of my documents and notes can sync across devices using the ReMarkable app, making them easy to access on the go. I can easily move from working on my ReMarkable to my laptop or phone with this feature.

Content Planning With ReMarkable for Business

One of my favorite ways to use my ReMarkable is for content planning. I use it to draft blog post outlines like this one. Using the device so far in 2024 has helped me post to my blog much more regularly than I was previously. I can completely focus on each blog post without distraction, writing it targeted for SEO in less than an hour. Then I just select the images I want to include and share! The ReMarkable has been a wonderful tool to use developing email marketing campaigns, presentations for clients, social media posts, and revising my Showit website.

Also in the Content Planning vein, I have used my ReMarkable for business this year to completely level-up all client resources. My exclusive guides, questionnaires, lead magnets, and surveys have all received a glow-up. All thanks to being able to work completely uninterrupted on the ReMarkable. So far the feedback I’ve received from clients for the new resources have been great. But I love that I can quickly jot down notes during client meetings to further improve these items as I receive suggestions. I highly value the collaborative relationships I have developed with my clients and improving resources forthe future!

Professional Growth

Education is extremely important to me. I am constantly in courses and reading to improve my photography services and business as a whole. One notebook is used on my ReMarkable to track my educational progress by course. I work toward checking off courses as I complete them. I also take notes for each course directly on the device. Another notebook is used as I work through my long business book list where I take notes and highlight key points. I upload select e-books to read on the device. Wonderful when I have downtime to read before meetings or if I am traveling. If I’m on the go and prefer to listen to a book instead, I’ll listen to audiobooks through Libro to support local Flagstaff Brightside Bookshop and take notes as I listen.

I can also use the ReMarkable for business to map out goals for each month and year. To do so, I use a dedicated notebook and a template I created in Canva then uploaded to the device. I use a combination checklist/note format that allows me to track progress and check of goals as they are completed. It is a great way for me to stay motivated.

Finally, the “Read on Remarkable” extension allows me to easily read blog posts or news articles from creatives I love. Note: You can even stay up to date with my blog this way.

Creativity and Inspiration With ReMarkable for Business

I adore using my ReMarkable to sketch out ideas for photo sessions. Like a film project, I lay out the entire session by location in a story format. This allows me to guide the client journey from the moment we start shooting. I’ll even send these storyboarding sessions to my clients – they know what to expect the day of the session and it allows us to collaborate further.

Another creative way I use my ReMarkable for business is to sketching out album design layouts. I’ll select some of my favorite images from a session along with a number of my client’s favorites. Looking at each set of images, I will draw out album pages with blank squares to visualize the entire layout. When I return to the office, I will insert the images into the general layout. This allows me to make sure it is perfect before importing into my album design software for client approval. I love this method. I don’t have to be tied to my laptop to continue an album design if I need a break from the screen. I’ll save my favorite layouts in a separate notebook and later create them as templates in the album design software too for future use.

Arizona Portrait Session Locations

I mentioned the ways I use ReMarkable while traveling previously but I also use it while travel planning. Especially when I am heading to a new location for a portrait session.

I’ll often visit a new location two (2) to three (3) times prior to the actual session, whether it is in Flagstaff, Sedona, or Scottsdale. At the site visit, I notate the best time of day for lighting as well as position of lighting in a given area. I”ll notate any specific areas of the location I want to place the client to ensure the session has a variety of beautiful backdrops. During the time of the site visit, I also write down general tips to send to my clients as part of their final check-in email. Last, I take all of the information I have tracked for a future blog post when I return back to my office.


From all of the aforementioned items, you can see why I love and use ReMarkable for business. This digital writing tablet has truly transformed my business for the better – I am more focused and present in all aspects of my business and my personal life because I am using my time more effectively. Fellow small business owners and photographers, I would encourage you to consider integrating this tool into your workflow.

The only drawbacks to the device currently are the following items:

  • Shapes aren’t pre-set templates you can drag and drop on pages. It would be so beneficial to have pre-build shapes to better organize notes and project planning. I would love to have the ability to add and move boxes around key points. The workaround for this currently is to draw your own shapes then select and drag around the screen. Having pre-build shapes would streamline the process, allowing us to skip the step of drawing the shapes ourselves.
  • I would love a spellcheck option when using the Typefolio. Due to the smaller size of the keyboard, when typing quickly it is easily to make mistakes.

That being said, I have submitted each of these as feature requests. The ReMarkable team has regularly rolled out updates to the software so I am cautiously optimistic.

If you have a ReMarkable and love it, I’d love to hear from you in the comments! When did you purchase it? What do you use it for? If you’d like more business recommendations, check out The Best Photography Business Resources on the journal.

Views on vacation while using a tablet - Flagstaff photographer Bayley Jordan.
For good measure, an image of my view during vacation. It has been so relaxing. The setting is truly allowing me to get great work done using my ReMarkable.

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