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Sparkling Styled Shoot For New Year

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January 10, 2023

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The celebrations aren’t over yet – I dreamt up a sparkling styled shoot for the start of the new year in Flagstaff, Arizona. I knew exactly how I wanted to celebrate the start of 2023. And I knew exactly where to celebrate, having stayed there many times before…

A beautiful, boutique hotel, recently renovated and located right off of historic Route 66, only minutes away from downtown Flagstaff. The moment you step inside of the lobby, it is immediately apparent that the hotel is, to use their own words, “inspired by the vast beauty of northern Arizona.” The atmosphere, the branding, the interior design, the storytelling all works and works well. Guests are immediately in awe of the lovely, laid-back, luxury the hotel offers (perfect for Flagstaff).

Having the opportunity to plan, design, and participate in a styled shoot at such a lovely, local venue? A dream come true. After speaking with the senior marketing manager for the property, reviewing details for the shoot, we reserved the date.

Immediately I called-up my favorite professional make-up artist in the area, Ellen. Fingers crossed to see if she would be available to join us the day of the session. She said yes, without hesitation. I can always count on Ellen to provide absolutely beautiful, natural glam for all of my clients. Empowering and enhancing their natural beauty. I love any chance we have to work together.

My next call was to Sara. One of my absolute FAVORITE clients. I called to see if she had interested in modeling a spectacular, silver, sequined dress just for the special occasion. Sara’s excitement is always contagious. Her response this time was no exception!

Last (but not least!) I called up one of my best photographer friends, Beck, to see if she wanted to join for the soiree. I am thrilled she made the date as well!

With the plans, set and we spent the coming weeks looking forward to the sparkling, styled session.

The day of the shoot, we started the afternoon with views of the snow-blanketed courtyard and crackling fire pits from our window. While Ellen and Sara worked their magic getting ready, we dialed-in to curated tunes on the classic, silver cassette player provided in every room.

With a quick hug and kind words, Ellen parted for the day as soon as the ladies finished getting ready. As you can see from the images below, Sara looked absolutely spectacular! Beck and I lifted our cameras, enchanted, imagining the evening ahead of us. We let the time slip away as we began the session.

Sara shows off the stunning property at High Country Motor Lodge in Flagstaff, Arizona with Bayley Jordan Photography.jpg
Sara shows off a stunning sparkling dress and the beautiful branding at the entrance of High Country Motor Lodge, in Flagstaff, AZ
Beautiful Sara enjoys the signature cocktail during a portrait session with Bayley Jordan Photography at the High Country Motor Lodge bar in Flagstaff, Arizona.
Sara admires the high-end High Country Motor Lodge lounge during a portrait session with Bayley Jordan Photography in Flagstaff, AZ
Smiling at the camera, Sara sparkles with joy during a portrait session with Bayley Jordan Photography at High Country Motor Lodge
Sara shows off the bar and lounge are of High Country Motor Lodge in Flagstaff, Arizona during a portrait session with Bayley Jordan Photography
Stunning Sara smiles as she sips a cocktail during a portrait photo session with Bayley Jordan Photography in Flagstaff, Arizona
Beaming, Sara starts to enter the soothing sauna at High Country Motor Lodge during a portrait session with Bayley Jordan Photography
Sunny portrait session at golden hour in winter with Bayley Jordan Photography, High Country Motor Lodge, Flagstaff, Arizona
Sara toasts to the new year with a signature cocktail in hand at a portrait session with Bayley Jordan Photography at HCML in Flagstaff, AZ.
Sunlit portrait session at golden hour with Bayley Jordan Photography, High Country Motor Lodge, Flagstaff, Arizona

High Country Motor Lodge was the perfect venue for this sparkling styled shoot. As we wrapped-up early evening, it was immediately apparent how the venue breathes new life into nighttime offerings in town. A nice, artisan restaurant, delicious mixed drinks in the lounge. Grand game and movie nights. Spectacular stargazing. Concerts from local bands. As a life-long Flagstaff local, I couldn’t love the location more.

If you’d like to see more of my recent work, check out my dreamy Arizona Desert Maternity session with Sarah and Tyler next! I’d love to connect on Instagram too!

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