Watson Lake – Prescott, Arizona

January 17, 2021

The gorgeous golden hour glow at Watson Lake in Prescott, Arizona.

I finally made it to Watson Lake yesterday. Although I’m an Arizona local, there are still a lot of locations I haven’t been to yet. One of my goals for 2020? To get better acquainted with this beautiful state.

I love a good road trip and and I’m always on the lookout for unique locations for photoshoots. In the Notes app on my phone, I actually keep a list of areas around Arizona I would like to go. And I constantly update the list as I come across new spots!

The long weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to pack my camera/drone and make the 100 minute drive to Prescott. Pulling off the road at Watson Lake Park, I was ready to explore. We arrived just before sunset. As a result, we were just in time for the beautiful golden hour glow Arizona is famous for.

Aerial photo overlooking Watson Lake just before sunset in Prescott, Arizona.

After winding my way through the bedrock and boulders of the grand Granite Dells, I had a great flight and found a few spectacular spots for portrait photos too!

Driving to this picturesque part of the State was well worth the time – this location scouting trip was a huge success.

Image depicting the gorgeous Granite Dells and Watson Lake in Prescott, Arizona.

Prescott is so scenic – especially the Watson Lake area. The area also offers so much to do! Camping, hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing are all attractive options. I can’t wait to come back with clients, family, and friends in the future! 

If you’d like to join one of my upcoming adventures, send me a note on the Contact page on the site. I always love the company.

Aerial image of Watson Lake at sunset in Prescott, Arizona.

Want to see more images from this session? Please let me know in the comments below! If there’s interest, I’ll upload a few more photos from this location scouting expedition to the Portfolio section of the site.

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